REBOOZ Internal Combustion Engine Rejuvenation Hydrogen Technology utilizes water to generate hydrogen atoms that enter the engine through the intake manifold, which then mixes and burns with gasoline/diesel to soften and remove the carbon deposits from the engine.

REBOOZ technology utilizes only two liters of tap water per cleaning, generating 100% clean hydrogen energy through a water-based process. The entire decarbon cleaning is executed without disassembling any part of the engine, avoiding corrosion or damage to engine parts. Only requiring the intake manifold to be connected to a REBOOZ station.

Each REBOOZ station is self-calibrated, determining the engine size and granting a quick and easy process with an operation time of up to 45 min per cleaning. Our WFA (Water Fusion System) patented granted technology utilizes no chemical substances and has minimal wastage.

REBOOZ Internal Combustion Engine Rejuvenation Hydrogen Technology has the following advantages:

  • Up to 70% CO2 emissions reduction
  • Up to 30% more Horsepower and Torque
  • In-Place Repair technology
  • Fuel Consumption Reduction
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